Charity Workout - January 25th


In 2013 we finished up the year with the first MP Body Transformation Challenge, there were some great transformations from the challenge but we also managed to raise $500 for a local charity the "Hear Our Heart Ear Bus Project".

This year our goal is to better that, by ALOT!. In fact we want to beat last years effort by $4500!!

That's right we want to raise $5000 for the local Dubbo "Hear Our Heart Ear Bus Project".

How will we do this?

We will aim to run ten charity workout days with a goal to raise $500 at each workout throughout the year. The first Charity Workout was on January 25th.

The day was a great success!

We raised a total of $525 achieving our first goal of $500, we had 27 participants in the I.C.E - Group Fitness and Yoga Workout and a number of people brought their families along for the fun activities we had available.

A big thank you must firstly go our to one of our Team Members at Fisique Jason Dearmer for his kind donation of funds to pay for the hire of the Mickey Mouse jumping castle which was a huge hit with the families who attended the day. It gave great entertainment to the kids allowing the parents to get a good workout in.

This directly ties in with one of our core values at Fisique which is making fitness fun and available to everyone, especially making available to those people with families.

Which brings me to my second round of thanks to those who helped out with the rest of the activities on the day, Cheryl Breen and Margaret Walsh cooked some great tasting cupcakes for the kids and naughty adults which sold to help raise funds for the Charity. 

Thank you to Christopher Brown, Taylah-Hope Brown, Jamie-Lee Brown and Amira Mae Coon who all helped out with the Face Painting and Helium Balloons. Although getting messy at times it was great to see everyone having fun. 

We started the workout off with some organised drills working on optimizing caloric expenditure by using exercises the participants wouldn't normally do everyday. We used big full body exercises and some running but the workout was always kept within each persons individual capabilities. We even had Trudy and Kylie's little girls jump in for the workout show what an amazing example these women provide for their families. 

The workout was a glance at what to expect from our I.C.E - Group Fitness Program over the coming months as Team Fisique prepares for the Titan Macquarie Mud Run in April. 

Not completely hard work, by the end of the workout we were playing games and the organized drill became an exhilarating chaos of partnered team playing Fisique's signature team building game partnered tag. Pictured below you can see Tracy from Zumba with Tracy holding up a bunch of yellow tags showing her competitive side having a ball.

After a short intermission the Yoga workout was underway shaded by a nearby tree making for a peaceful end to an eventful day. The team relaxed and unwound to beautiful music and graceful moves led by yoga expert Megan Casserly.

Even the guys got in on the Yoga action.


Wrapping up a day full of fun and excitement Chris Dawson took out the huge Fruit and Veg Hamper donated by Mick and Paul's Fruit and Veg Shop on Wingewarra Street. Funds raised from the tickets sold for this raffle also went straight to the Charity Workout total. Thank's Mick and Paul.

Thank you to my partner in crime Megan for all the effort she went to thinking about and organizing the things that made the day an event instead of just a workout and again, a huge thank you to everyone who made the day possible. You are all amazing people!

Keep an eye out for the announcement of our next Charity Workout scheduled for the 22nd of February.

If you would like to become apart of this growing community we would like to invite you in joining us for a FREE WEEK of I.C.E - Group Fitness. To claim your free week email us a and just mention this article.

P.S - This is what happens when you let little helpers paint your face with the left over paint.. HAHA.. Let me tell you, driving home was quite funny.

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