Member of the Month Oct '13 - Jason Dearmer

04-Nov-2013 | By Peter Brown Lvl 4 MP Transformation Specialist

Q - Hi Jason, thank you for the chance for this quick interview and congratulations on being our ‘member of the month’ for October 2013.

A – Thanks Pete

Q – Could you tell us a little bit about yourself?

A – Sure, I struggled with my weight all throughout high school. Once I graduated I first started training and that was in 2003. I joined up at the Dubbo RSL for my training and with Jenny Craig for nutrition. I was training by self for a while until I decided to get a Personal Trainer. 

I then moved to Gold Coast in 2006, this is where I really got into my fitness continuously training for about 5 years. In that time I tried various PT’s but none of them really knew much about the nutrition component of health and fitness.

Q – You said you trained continuously for 5 years, then what happened? What made you stop?

A - I received a promotion for work which resulted in me moving up to North Queensland. This was a huge lifestyle change and it interfered with exercising habits I had built whilst in the Gold Coast. Work took a priority in my life at that time and I was too busy to commit to a regular training program.

Q – In the delivery of Metabolic Precision we really try to identify what we call your snapping point, something that really smacks you in the face and tells you to wake up to yourself and do something about the problem you are having? Did you have a snap point and what was it?

A – It was up in North Queensland on the day I turned 28. I woke up to go to work just like any other day, I looked in the mirror and wasn’t happy with what looked back at me. 

This is when I had some self-reflection; I asked myself what am I working towards in life? I was away from my friends and family, not doing what I truly loved (Fitness). I was frustrated in the lifestyle I had, I was unhappy with my physical condition and I missed feeling great about my body. 

Q - When I presented Metabolic Precision to you what were your initial thoughts? 

A – At first I was hesitant, I drew from past experience with trainers I had who knew nothing about nutrition and those trainers who claimed they knew about nutrition didn’t end up delivering. I guess I had to have a bit of faith in you and your program because I was in such an undesirable situation and knew I needed help.

Q – Jason, you are one of the most humble and selfless people I have ever trained. You have completely immersed yourself into the training, nutrition and support networks MP provides. To have this much success so early on is rare, what do you think helped you incorporate MP so well into your lifestyle?

A - I think by making a commitment to the WHOLE program, by being involved in the program on a networking level using the ‘Metabolic Precision’ Facebook group and the ‘Team Fisique’ Facebook group. You can’t just show up to the gym and expect results, you really need to incorporate it into your lifestyle. Interacting with other people has helped me learn the Metabolic Precision Facebook group is a great resource, there are people who have done MP and gone through their own transformations and there are other MP trainers who are ready and willing to answer any questions anytime. 

It helps that MP is an amazingly well-structured program; it easily allows you to record your training and nutrition to keep you accountable. I find by recording my food and training I helps me learn from my mistakes and improve every week.

Q –That’s awesome mate. So do you have favourite MP Trainer in the network, apart from me ofcourse.. LOL?

A - Sarah Page is the first person that comes to mind. She is lovely and very helpful.

Q – Great, well Jason I’d like to thank you for the chat and congratulations again for being the member of the month. Before we go what are the plans for the future?

A – I will have a break from training over Christmas whilst continuing on the new lifestyle and nutrition, I’m heading to the gold coast for a holiday and chance to catch up with some mates. In the New Year I’ll be coming back ready for the next 12 week program with Pete. 

Jason Dearmer started his first 12 week Metabolic Nutrition and F.I.R.E (Focused Intense Resistance Exercise) in September and has almost finished his first program. Well done Jason and we look forward to seeing the results come in from your first 12 week program.

Pictured: Jason Dearmer completing a 105kg Farmers Walk.